MRE works as energetic and integrated team to create a positive and supportive environment that delivers quality service. Our goal is to deliver a flexible service in a timely manner to all our clients

Request & Retrieve Medical Information

Clients are able to request medical information worldwide with all information returned to you digitally via the MRE Web App. MRE can safely integrate with your workflow at both the point of data entry and report retrieval, saving you time and effort in completing cases.

Request and Retrieve Medical Information

Nurse to Doctor

Claims and underwriting cases can be closed quicker and achieve a better rusult by engaging a Registered Nurse to speak with the claimant/applicants treating Doctor. Registered Nurses contact the applicant/claimants treating doctor on your behalf. Both the phone call recording and our Registered Nurse's brief report can be retrieved securely from the MRE Web App

Nurse to Clients

Pathology and Paramedical Requests

Insurers can request blood tests and nurse examinations Australia wide. MRE will use their pathology partner which boasts a comprehensive and professional collection service. Requests for these services can be entered and retrieved safely and securely via the MRE Web App.

Pathology and Paramedical Requests